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Brendan Hollins completed his Masters in piano performance at the University of Stellenbosch under the guidance of renowned pianists Luis Magalhães and Nina Schumann, the formidable TwoPianists duo. During his studies numerous scholarships and prizes were awarded including Deans medals, SAMRO awards, and other merit-based scholarships. As a supporter of new music, he has featured music on radio and television in South Africa as well as South Korea. While in Korea he founded the Camarata Music Company, a non-profit organization which provides opportunities for Koreans and foreigners alike to perform classical music together. 


As soloist he has performed with leading orchestras in South Africa and had masterclasses with numerous international artists including Alexei Lubimov, Melvyn Tan, Konstantin Scherbakov, as well as conductors Jorma Panula, Harold Farbermann, and Mark Gibson.